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Hakmana Divisional Secretarial area which is Situated in the electorial division area of Hakmana in Matara District of Southern Province is exfent of 55 Km . It is a land which has a special historical background  and an economical way mainly depends on agriculture.

It is sarronded by Mulatiyana division Secretaroal area from North, Kirind-Puhulwella division Secretariat area. Of Hambantota district from east. This Division belongs a uburban Situation’

Hakmana area which is known as Kandabada Pattuwa was called as “Gulugahalaga” before a century ago.And it Spreads for pre-historic era.Though the informations about this history have been  mentioned that defore a century ago . And people of  tribeds had lived here before Prince Vijaya had arrived our country. There is mentioned about Nawima near Matara area in Sri Lanka Map which was created by clodius Tolami who came to sri lanka in 2nd century. It shows that  Naghas had lived  near Matara and nearby areas in lived near Matara and nearby  areas in pre-historic erea . It has mentioned in an epigraph found from Urumutta Mountain that Naghas lived in Matara area had been spreaded for Hakmana too’ Abig village called Nakanda situated by the Hakmana Deniyandara  road had been divided into two parts which were named as Maha Kanda and Kuda  Kanda. It is meutionned that chulanga had lived in kuda Kanda and Mahanaga has lived in Maha Kanda.

Narawelpita which belongs to Hakmana division  to day was situated from south to this Hakmana. The land with jungle which had belongs to this Nakanda. The

The line of paddy frilds which is Spreaded from Hakmana market to the East has become to Nagawella because Nagahas has  cultivated it It is mentioned in the village Narddha which can be found at the end ot this paddy fields.

The informations have been found from Tangalle, Hakmana and Ransagoda that a king called Minikirula who lived in Hakmana area after pre-historic era had ruled Hakmana in 240 Century.It is Mentioned in the Makurulu Sandeshaya that a sthupo which had been buiit by king Minikirula at  Polonnaruwa.

In donmation aout king Minikinula have been mentioned in Sitinamaluwa wenuma of Neelakobho Sandeshaya too.

Komburupitiya Wanarathana trero had explained that the Umangala Rajamaha Viharaya,Elagala,tapa in Hakmana and Bamunugamu Viharaya in Hakmana had been built by king Detuthis I in 206 A.D.

Wasanthana tero’s optuion was that Petatissa had ruled Ruhuna when his father Gotabaya had ruled Anuradhapura.

According to that Maligathanna where was situated by the Hakmana – Beliatta road form half mile distance was introduced as the place of the king.where Pemasiri dharmayathana is situated now.

It is said that the Sakmana maluwa ohich was used by the king had become to Hakmana for the easy of asage.The place where king played in water.It is believed that there is a treasure bereath a stone in that place.It is belieced there was a temporary place where the Divisional Secretary office, quarters of police officers and village kribunal were situated today.stone pillars have been kept around the ancient Badhis there.The ancient period of Hakmana area has an archaeological ralue as in the above.

In the 16th century Matara region also was belonged to the Kotte Kingdom.The area between River walwe and River Benthara was called as Matara Region in the past.People of Hakmana also belonged to the Kotte Kingdom.Portuguese people helped in the military works of Don Juwan Dharmapala king to proteet Kotte kingdom form 1551 A.D. to 1597 A.D. The main minister post of king Dharmapala had been hold bu Samarakoon Rala who had born in a village next to Hakmana.even After Matara Region was owned to Kotte Kingdom he ruled Matara .After the death of king Dharmapala Kotte Kingdom was to portaguse as his last will.belonged Because of this imprudent work of king Hakmana people who lived indepen dently about 2000 years had to been subjugated to the foreign powers.

In this way the colonial period of Hakmana area had begun.After portuguse owned Matara Region they developed the militarg powers by building fortresses for their protection in galle Matara, Sabaragamu and Hakmana.

It is belived that the Hakmana fortress had built at the Nakanda and Pallawela village boarder Hakmana Mulatiyana highway.That place is called as “Kotu dorakada even by the today.

The Portugues colonial period in Sri Lanka had in 1658 A.D. Before it Matara Region had delivered to Dutches dua to an agreement between Poetugues and Duthes on 10 the of January in 1645.According to that Hakmana people had become Colonials of Putches before the last 13 years of Potuguese rule.In 1645 Datches made a fortress in Hakmana.It was built at Kosgahawatta where ia 150 yards distant form Hakmana market on Matara road.That place is called Kota Godalla even by today.Feco battles had happened during the Datch rule in Hakmana.Though ditches captured Hakmana again in a war at Katuwana.

It was won by Matara Ekanayaka Muldali and Kahaduwe Sewarath mudali Main Sinhala soldiers attacked Hakmana on 10th of February 1761.Both soldiers had Fought face to face at vaiwel and it was a terrible battle.There Sinhallese eaptured Hakmana fort.when look at the hiitory of M.C. it conveys that chistianity also had been spreaded in Hakmana area during the colonifal period.It had nentloned in old documents that there was a church in the college.and also somany famous Sinhala Mahateros had lived in Hakmana.As examples Karatota Dharmarama tero and Dematppitiya Sangakshitatero can be mentioned.

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Mr.E.L.Mendis 1945  
Mr. Hiubat S De Silva 1947  
Mr.V.P.A.Abesingha 1953  
Mr.Persi abesingha 1956  
Mr.Pitar P Abesekara 1959  
Mr.Lal Jayatunga    
Mr.Nimal Samarasundara    
Mr.Elbat Rathnayaka    
Mr.Lalith C Weeratunga


Mr.W.Nelsan 1983  
Mr.Piyadasa 1986  
Mr. P Weerasingha 1995  
Mr. P A Jayawardhana 1995  
Mr.B.Nigamuni 1995  
Mrs.G.P.A.Margarat 1996  
Mr.S.Manawadu 1996  
Mr.C Mudalige 1998  
Mrs.W.K.K.Athukorala 2002.03.25 2005.05.06
Mr.P.Somasiri 2005.05.26 2010.10.29
Mr Chinthaka Abeywickrama 2010.11.01 2011.06.28
Mr.N.A.K.L.Wijenayaka 2011.06.28 2012.01.28
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